Metadata Preset
Date: Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:13 am
Topic: Photoshop

It's really tedious to add metadata to all your images.

I know, it's really tedious to add metadata to all your images.  However, people won't be able to identify you as the owner of the work if one of your images appears out in the wild without metadata. 

There are numerous other reasons to add metadata but what can be provided is a quick and easy way to add a lot of metadata information in one or two clicks without having to retype it all the time. 

In Bridge, create a metadata template:

-- Click on the top right corner of the Metadata Panel to show the flyout menu.

-- Choose Create Metadata Template.  Fill it out, name it and save it.

-- Now, select all the images you want to tag.

-- Click the flyout menu again

-- Go to either Replace Metadata or Append Metadata (depending if you already added keywords, etc.)

-- Select the new template you just created. 

That's it!  If I can think of anything else regarding this subject I will add another article. 

Thanks for reading.  

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