Cut out an object and make clean edges
Date: Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:46 am
Topic: Photoshop

Has the extract tool been missing in action?

You may have noticed that the Extract Tool has been missing for the last couple of version of photoshop.  Why? It's been replaced by two tools ... the Quick Selection tool and Refine Edge command.  The Quick Slection tool does a good job of selections but the edges are horrid.  This is where Refine Edge comes in at.  It makes the edges all nice and neat.  It creates a "guessing zone" around the edges of the selection.  Based on color and tone, it decides if things are either foreground or background.  You can actually see the edge if you like.  

Click the Show Radius checkbox.  You won't see anything until you drag the Radius slider to the right.

Notice how the correct radius size helps the edges quite a bit.  At this point, you want to turn off Show Radius and use the brush (Refine Radius tool) and paint on the ticky edges to tweak things a bit more.

Just a tip I picked up!

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